This world is hypnotized by money. Do I have enough money? How
will I make money? Can I spend that money? Who has more
money? Etc. Questions that steal our time and cause anxiety,
stress and depression. Which lead to questioning our own worth
and many chronic diseases.
Money separates families, breaks up friendships, gives purpose to
evil, invites inequalities and steals time from loved ones. Put it into
perspective, think about how much time you have spent with your
three year old vs the time spent at work, a pattern that continues
until they leave the nest. Then, they repeat it.
It is not only the physical time spent at the job, but also the time
spent agonizing over unanswered question surrounding money. A
pattern of thinking that gives way to anger, irritability, isolation and
more. Time should be spent creating mutually joyous experiences
with family and friends. The game is rigged anyways because
there's never enough. Which is proven by the countless industries
that choose profits over humanity. At some point money became
more important than family.
People let money guide their lives. Where they live? What they do?
Who they become? Who we become should be a combination of
family, goals, interest, friends and experiences. Money should be a
by product.
Now we have to change this pattern of money first and family,
friends, interest and goals after that. We want our children to be
fulfilled in life. We need to encourage them. Tell them to find
passions, create goals and keep friends and family close. The
alternative of going to college, creating huge debt and digging
yourself out the rest of your life seems much risker.
This organization is focused on encouraging people live a life that
places family, friends, goals, interest and experiences over money.
One goal, give away free kids books. Books that entertain but more
importantly encourage self-esteem and self-love. Products on create the fuel that keeps the engine running.
For every product sold we donate a Snuggle Buggy book. Our hope
is to continue to grow and find new ways that we can encourage a
lifestyle that values humanity over greed and self interest.

In 2019 we gave out thousands of Christmas Comeback books
here in Upstate New York. Such a simple act of kindness creates a
level of joy and gratitude that is just unbelievable.
In 2020 we are excited to give out our newest title Snuggle Buggy.
A 12-page book that gives children a lasting memory of a time when
they were shown love. I hope that happens for every kid every night,
but the truth not so. A snuggle buggy is a start...
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